Today the University represents a knot of international communication that contributes to the exchange of students, information and means of continual learning. Its privileged status has enabled it to subscribe to a large number of international agreements, to take part in European university programmes and programmes from other continents, to create special chairs, to continually collaborate with international bodies and centres, and to be part of university networks and groups from all over the world.

The International Relations Service, under the supervision of the Vice-chancellor of Internationalisation, is the central authority that manages the international activity of the USAL. It is focused on the information and dissemination activities, as well as on the management of international projects and proposals and applications for grants and scholarships in the framework of several programmes.

The International Relations Service is also in charge of support and management activities related to:

  • The participation of the USAL in International Interuniversity Networks.

  • The monitoring of the activities that are carried out in the framework of the International Agreements: exchange, student acceptance, etc.

  • The coordination and organization of the Reina Sofia Award for Iberoamerican Poetry.

  Client Service Charter 2015

 ECHE 2021-2027